Jack Petchey Awards January - June 2018

Freya Gentry - Freya is always willing to help the kids, When it comes to the young ones, she take them under her wing and she keeps an eye on them. When first came she was very shy, but now she has come out of her shell. I feel she will go along way.  Freya has decided to choose Stubbers Trip which we did in the  summer holidays programme.

Lottie Mollica- Lottie is a very Patient and helpful and the young ones say she is always helping them. She helps the kids on computers and plays sports with them. Lottie is brilliant at offering explanations to the kids if they are stuck! Lottie likes to talk and keeps a positive atmophere within session.  Lottie chose to use his grant towards Stubbers Trip and use as double money with other person awarded of Jack Petchey,  which we did in the Summer Holiday Programme.

The summer programme 2018 

The summer holiday programme last year was a roaring success and all that attended had immense fun, well we hope they did! We had a wide range of activities like Stubbers activity, Rolla City, Raft Building over at Two tree Island and Adventure Island.